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ERAzine Advertising Terms and Conditions

By submitting advertising request via ERAzine website and/or mobile app, you agree that ERAzine has the exclusive rights to decide to publish, or not to publish on ERAzine website and/or mobile app that any advertising materials submitted by users, including articles, words, graphics, videos, and/or URL links to videos.

ERAzine users who submit advertising materials together with the advertising request, should have the copyright and/or any legal authority/ authorization to use/ publish/ advertise/ distribute such content(s) on behalf of himself/herself, and/or the organization(s) who have such rights or authority. Handwritten proof and/or documentational proof of such rights/authorities/authorization(s) might be requested by ERAzine before such advertisments are being launched on our website/mobile app/social media platform.

Before publish/ launch, the advertising party must sign a contract with ERAzine and agree to the terms and conditions that is writen on the signed contract.

The following contents are prohibited in ERAzine website and/or mobile app and/or social media platform(s),:

- Photos and videos depicting naked children;

- Photos and videos depicting female nipples and/or naked butts and/or human sex organs;

- Doubting the truth of a victim;

- Confession of crime(s) and/or encouragement of committing crime(s);

- Contents involving drug dealings, human trafficing, prostitution, terrorism;

- Encouragement of violent behaviour due to the outcome of political elections, outcome of sportgames, or any kind of violent behaviour;

- Contents that exhibit and/or arouse and/or suggest  and/or seduce sexual activity;

- Hate speech or any kind of contents with incitement to hatred.

- Contents that discriminate any kind of person/people/community, or implying people with certain characteristics and/or personalities are inferior in any form.

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