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10 Long Distance Relationship Tips to Strengthen Your Bond

Long Distance Relationship Tips
Long Distance Relationship Tips

Maintaining intimacy and closeness is challenging but possible in long distance relationships with effort from both partners. Commitment to quality communication is key. Here are some top tips:

  1. Schedule regular video calls instead of always texting for facial expressions and physical contact via phone.

  2. Send care packages with little notes, photos or comfort items infused with your scents.

  3. Make future plans together to look forward to like visits, trips or shared goals to work towards.

  4. Share daily life details like your routine, thoughts and experiences to feel emotionally present.

  5. Compromise quality time on dates or activities you both enjoy virtually like watching a show.

  6. Send care letters expressing affection, appreciation and intimacy when apart.

  7. Set ground rules for privacy to build trust when temptation of distance strains loyalty.

  8. Make the most of visits by fully unplugging from distractions into reconnection.

  9. Celebrate milestones by sending flowers or cooking the same meal together via video.

  10. Maintain your own interests and friendships too for balance and self-care when apart.

With patience and commitment to each other's needs, distance becomes easier to weather until you're together again.


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