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Spicing Up Your Sex Life: 10 New Ways to Be Intimate

Spice Things Up: 10 New Ways to Be Intimate
Spice Things Up: 10 New Ways to Be Intimate

Keeping passion alive and novelty in the bedroom requires open-mindedness and effort from both partners over time. While familiar patterns provide comfort, exploring new dimensions together deepens fun, trust and connection on emotional and physical levels. Here are some ideas beyond standard approaches to strengthen your bond through intimacy:

Massage is a sublime way to mindfully focus on your partner's pleasure points through soft touch. Experiment with different massage tools and apply different pressures – from light tracing to deep kneading. Use warm coconut or almond oil infused with a few drops of essential oil like ylang ylang, sandalwood or lavender known for their relaxing, sensual properties. Take time discovering each inch of skin to new levels of relaxation and arousal.

Sensory play stimulates the mind and body beyond basic optics by incorporating elements that invoke multiple senses. Try sensory items like soft furs, textured massaging tools, ice cubes that slowly melt on skin or edible body paints applied with paintbrushes. Blindfolds heighten other senses and spread awareness of every delicate caress as unexpected pleasure. Light some candles and play instrumental music to set a serene yet evocative mood as you feed natural curiosity.

Role playing with costumes is a fun way to step into other personas and fantasies together that exercise your imagination. Get creative with themed outfits, wigs or accessories and play along with new scripts you improvise. Think nurse/patient, boss/secretary, or any characters who could steal a forbidden moment. Researching the roles together adds an educational dimension while allowing your true selves to surface playfully. Maintaining humor and checking in ensures comfort.

Erotic photo or video shoots let you explore exhibitionism and voyeurism within committed privacy. Whether for your eyes only or potentially shared space like Snapchat, the process of dressing up, choosing locations and documenting intimacy builds confidence and play. Discuss clear rules like anonymizing faces, consent for sharing etc. and focus on empowerment through aesthetics rather than judgment. Appreciate each other's beauty in new artistic framings.

Many find incorporating BDSM elements like power exchange, roleplaying or restraints adds excitement when handled consensually and with safety precautions. Do extensive research on techniques, risks, safe words and aftercare. Start gently like massages with feather-light ticklers or being briefly restrained with soft scarves allowing the submissive partner full power of safewords at all times. Discuss hard and soft limits thoroughly until comfortable experimenting further together.

Sex toy play can relieve performance pressure and amplify pleasure through vibration, texture, temperature variation or double stimulation. Start with basic massagers for external use and focus on learning each other's erogenous zones first. Use toys constructed for safety like silicone, glass or metal and clean thoroughly between uses. Incorporating toys invites titillating discovery rather than replacing intimacy or human contact.

Mutual masturbation provides a visual sex education as you learn hand or tongue techniques and each other's desires without direct genital contact. Using mirrors, describing sensations verbally or simply watching your partner masturbate himself adds layers of intimacy and arousal. Take requests or gently guide hands and mouths to build skill and confidence. Finishing together intensifies bonding as natural curiosity blossoms.

Outdoor or semi-public quickies excite the senses with nature's beauty and elements of danger of being discovered.Scope out secluded park trails, beaches after hours or backseats with tinted windows. Plan an adventurous picnic and see where sensations overtake self-control. The passion of hidden encounters uniquely bonds you amidst life's grandeur when safely discreet and legal. Just a few stolen moments outdoors can ignite memories for private relating later.

Sensual food play incorporates tastes, smells and textures through the erogenous zones. Lick, suck or trace edible items like honey, chocolate syrup, ripe fruit or whipped cream off partner's body for oral pleasure. Feed each other bites paired with deep kisses. Ensure any mess remains contained to intimate areas and clean up thoroughly to avoid chafing from excessive wetness or sticky residues longer term.

Erotic risk-taking adds novelty and vulnerability when discussing hard limits first. Safewords must be respected without question if discomfort arises. Hearing intimate truths like fantasies, fond memories, past perceptions or praise can bring you closer through transparency. Trying new positions, locations or acts widens your scope when curiosity, ongoing consent and comfort remain guiding lights every step.

The most intimate relationships emerge through constant discovery within clearly defined boundaries of enthusiasm, respect and care. While familiar patterns offer security, celebrating each other’s courage to experiment deepens knowing and desire over a lifetime together. Commitment to fully seeing, feeling and understanding your partner makes all intimacy fulfilling.


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